Our Equipment

All of our Sound and Lighting equipment is pro standard and modern and has been carefully chosen to complement our mobile disco setup. All of our lighting is high output, but low power LED lighting meaning it is far safer and generates less heat in operation but still looks amazing!


Chauvet Mini Kinta

Fantastic Compact LED Derby Effect. 2 of these in our rig throw out an amazing array of beams when combined with out Stinger units.


LEDJ Performer 18 Hex

Super Bright 6 Colour PAR Can. Colour Mixing with Red Green and Blue, Amber and White for Warm or Cold White Shades and Finally UV for awesome Black Light Effect. We use 4 of these programmed via DMX to illuminate even the biggest rooms and venues.


50cm LED Battens

These RGB Light Bars provide 4 separately controllable sections of colour mixing. 4 of these units combined with our DMX software provide us with a very flexible programmable up light system for our DJ Screen.


ADJ Stinger 3 in 1

Moon Flower, Red and Green Lasers and White Strobes. A Pair of these amazing lighting units provides much of our impressive light show.


Chauvet Hurricane 1301 Smoke Machine

This powerful smoke machine can provide a subtle haze to display the lasers and beams in their best light, or a huge cloud of thick smoke when required. All smoke is water based, non toxic and leaves no smell or residue once dispersed.


iNuke 6000 DSP Amps

The newest addition to our rig. A Pair of these amazing 3000W RMS class D amps provide more power than we will ever need. We can easily cover even a very large event using just one of these, meaning we always have a spare amp in the rig in case of any failures.


American Audio Versa Deck

Fantastic and Reliable Midi DJ controller and Mixer. The Heart of our setup. Reproduces digital music at hi fi quality through our powerful sound system.


DJ Screen and Stand

Practicality and a nice clean look. Our DJ Stand and DJ Screen give room for all the equipment and shield all the wires and flight cases from the public view. THis ensures that our disco looks clean and professional at all time. The LED Uplighters give the screen an amazing moving light show that can be set to any conceivable colour scheme.

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