Our mobile recording service is perfect for recording that big gig or making a live album. We can also facilitate studio style recording at your usual rehearsal venue or in any other suitable room or hall. We use “industry standard” Pro Tools software in conjunction with our 32 in 32 out audio interface to record up to 32 channels simultaneously straight into a laptop allowing professional studio quality recording to be carried out anywhere.

When recording live, we record the pure un-processed source audio from each mic or instrument straight into Pro Tools allowing a complete re-mix and edit back in the studio after the gig is finished. We can even “fix” mistakes, allow you to re-record parts or add additional voices, harmonies or instrument tracks later.

When recording in a studio we can accommodate your preferred recording technique, either start of with a full band take or build up the song from a click and guide track. Our full range of Mics and D.I. boxes are available to try any creative mic’ing techniques you can conceive.

When the recording is done, you can choose what happens next. We can provide you with the Stem .WAV files which will allow you to mix and edit the tracks yourself in your own DAW or Home Studio. We can mix and edit your tracks for you or you can join us in our studio and we can work on them together using Pro Tools. We can even correct mistakes, re-tune any flat harmony lines and even let you add extra voices, overdubs or additional instruments as you require.

The final product can be provided on CD, as MP3 Files or as lossless .WAV files. We can even make the tracks into You Tube video’s with your video footage or photo montage over the top.

Please take a listen to some of our previous recording and mixing projects below and get in touch via the contacts page if you have any questions or to enquire about a recording session.