We have a selection of PA systems available to hire, with or without a sound engineer and additional hardware. We have systems ranging from a single small powered speaker for speech’s, up to high powered systems for large venues and big bands. See the details below for some example systems, see our Live Sound pages for more details of other available hardware. Contact us for a bespoke quote to meet your needs.

Example System 1

A single Alto TS215 + A pair of “tBone Solo Free” Hand Held Radio Microphones. A very compact and simple system for making speeches in small venues or where loud volumes are not required.

Example System 2

A simple yet powerful system consisting of 2x 550Wrms Alto TS215 powered speakers, a small analogue mixer and a pair of radio mics. Other microphones can be added and instruments or music sources can also be accommodated easily. Perfect for a hall or party or small outdoor event. Also suitable for a small band or musical performance.

Example System 3

A more powerful 2 way system consisting of 2 x Hart Custom 650W RMS passive cabinets and a separate power amplifier. A mixing desk of an appropriate size for the occasion would be included. This system has extended power and bass response and is highly suitable for a band in a smaller venue such as a pub, or for a larger event for speeches and background music.

Example System 4

Our main 3 way system consisting of 2 x Hart Custom 15″ top cabinets, plus 2 x Hart Custom 18″ Subwoofers. With a total speaker power handling of 2600Wrms this rig comes with a 4500Wrms DSP Power Amplifier for true headroom guaranteeing superb sound quality up to extreme sound power levels. This system can be provided with an smaller analogue desk or our X32 32 Channel digital desk.

Example System 5

Our most powerful system, tried and tested at outdoor gigs and festivals, this is the full 5200W Speaker system, with a whopping 9000W of amplifier power! Featuring four 18″ Hart Custom Subs and four 15″ Hart Custom Mid/High Cabs you can guarantee a clean powerful sound for the biggest venues and outdoor events.